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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


01 Requiem pour un Astronaute-Black Sun-Claude Leveille
02 Serengeti-Flying Frames
03 Falsa Bahiana-Fenix
04 My Wife With Champagne Shoulders-Castalia
05 Calling Out the Blue Light-Arcana-Arc of Testimony
06 Sea of Melted Lead-Eileen-Streetmark
07 Falke Whips It Out-Eroc 3
08 Incognito-African Rhythms
09 Milton-Chuck's Ghost Music
10 Feuerland-Flammende Herzen
11 Modal Cloud-Golden Retriever
12 Your Country-Prosper-Broken Door

Sunday, November 19, 2017


01-Penny and Rick-Naakt over de schutting
02 Jasper Van't Hof - Poobli
03 Llorca - Indigo Blues
04- Hitch Hiker-Organ Plus
05-Fried Funk Food (in dub) - The Fried Funk Food
06-mickie d's unicorn  - black riders
07-Black Emanuelle-nico fidenco
08. Ble'r wyt ti'n myned-Pererin
09-Eddie Fisher - Music Makes Me Feel Good
10 Ejaculaktor-Klaus Harmony-The Mozart of Porn
11 - Vanish to the Moon-Merlin
12-Spice Is Nice-Tailgunner
13-JOE FINGERS CARR - Istanbul
14-riff_a_la_lindstrom- Hörselmat
15-Suzie Steno-Tyll

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


01-No Tree Will Grow (On Too High A Mountain)-To the Highest Bidder-Supersister
02-no-man-gets-me-right-away-Where There's A Man-Abbe Lane
03. Simply Red - Aint That A Lot Of Love
04-Blues Far Out-Rischkas Soul-Wolfgang Dauner
05-Das Puppenspiel-Neue Sterne-Anyone's Daughter
06- Swaying Fire-Psychillis Of A Lunatic Genius-Pazop
07- 240 Chilometri Da Smirne-Area-Arbeit Macht Frei
08 Heaven Help The Non-Believer-Rock Flowers
09 One Morning In May-James Taylor
10-Pick Me Up (And Put Me Back On The Road)-IF-Double Diamond
11. Tapestry-Carol King
12-Milkstreets-Et Cetera
13 In '59-Mickey Newbury-A Long Road Home

Thursday, November 9, 2017


01-The Light-Brian Davison's Every Which Way
02-Morning Dew -Guildenstern
03-Soul Fungi-Victor Brady-Brown Rain
04-Rain And Snow-Lin-Galaxy
05-Balloon-Space Hymns- Ramases
06-Empty Faces-Fully Interlocking-Solution 77
07- Patrimonio De Un Hombre Solo-Vicencia-Azules De Otono
08-Save Me-Boxer-Below the Belt
09-Looks Like You're Leavin'-Isolation
10-Blood Of The Sun-Lesley West-Mountain
11-The Skater-Stone Angel
12-Fire & Water-Secret Oyster
13 Down To The Bone - Brooklyn Heights
14 Bats Of La Habre-Ben Kettlewell-Kanji
15 Oblique Season-Carl matthews-Last Word from Mothership

Saturday, November 4, 2017


01 West Coast Blues-Blind Blake
02 Abysmal - Outcast-Circles of Motion
03-The Chosen One-Tardigrade-Simon Says
04 - 12 Preludes, Op. 36 - No. 4. Souvenir d'un jour de joie- Allegro molto appassionato-Luis Viernes
05 Gorge Soulé - Get Involved (LTJ Edit Rework)
06. Every Now And Then-Brunswick Wingy Manone & Louis Prima
07-Tai Ming-News-Release Music Orchestra
08 Harmonica Frank - Going Away Walking
09 - He Made A Woman Out Of Me-Bobby Gentry-Fancy
10-DreamsTyr-Eric the Red
11-Roosevelt Sykes - West Helena Blues
12 - Fire Girl-Barrabas-Watch Out
13 Hear The Rain, See It Fall-Osamu Kitajima-Osamu
14-Domaci Zadatak-Smak-Crna Dama

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


01-That's No Reason To Cry-Subway to the Country-David Ackles.mp3
02-Tough Nuts-Warpig.mp3
03 Strange Romance-Arthur Brown & Craig Leon-The Complete Tapes of Atoya.mp3
04-Love - No Boundaries-Gone in the Morning-Quiver.mp3
05-Big Dog Lusty-Situation Normal-Snafu.mp3
06-Preambule-Rhesus O.mp3
07-Zum Wohl-Sowiesoso-Cluster.mp3
08. Carpathia Project - Angyan & Daczi -Fusion.mp3
10-Chromatic-Faust-71 Minutes of-.mp3
11-There's A Small Hotel-Jane Birkin-Loloita Go Home.mp3
12 Junior Broks - She's A Little Girl.mp3
13-A Little Different-Introducing Lobo.mp3
14- You Ain't Goin' Nowhere-Patchwork.mp3
15-Saga Of The Sad Jester-Grannie.mp3

Thursday, October 26, 2017


01-For Better Days-This Side of Paradise-Natural Science
02-Soft Fisherman-Fred
03-Penguins On Broadway-Hattler-Bassball
04-Piccolo Gitano-Bambibanda e Melodie
05-Little Linda Lovejoy-Bobby Harrison-Funkist
06 - Memories are made of this-Hank Snow-Country & Western Jamboree
07 - On a slow boat to China-All the Way and then Some-Sammy Davis Jr
08 - Le chaland qui passe-Mam'zelle Gisèle
09 - The gypsy in my soul-Sammy davis Jr. Sammy Sings
10 - Il mio mondo-Umberto Bindi
11- Houston Boines - Relation Blues
12-Rampage-Pleasure Signals
13-Supermarket Blues-Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse-Eugene McDaniels